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Providing you with financial security when it comes to unforeseen events such as premature death and disability. 

I help facilitate in building intergenerational wealth, estate preservation and intellectual solutions that makes sense, for your today and your tomorrow.


Guaranteed Investment Funds

Money that insures your capital, while achieving better long-term rates of returns.

Segregated Funds

Money that has unique features that most traditional investment vehicles don't have.


Plans that help people maximize on their money at a time that they want to enjoy their retirement.

Children's Education Plans

Accumulation made easy, we can put aside some money and benefit from government grants and bonuses, to offset the high tuition cost we are facing in the future.

Mutual Funds *

A group of many types of investments that are put together to achieve a long term rate of return to offset the damaging effects of inflation and high tax consequences.

* Peak Investment Services Inc.

Leverage Loans

Making money with other people's money.

Life Insurance – Permanent

Building inter-generational wealth or offset tax burdens, creating an estate, a legacy, maximizing on wealth accumulation, and caring for the people you love.

Life Insurance – Term

Protection for a duration of time when it's needed the most.

Travel Insurance

Peace of mind when you want it the most.

Mortgage & Debt Insurances

Covering a mortgage or a specific debt for a certain amount, and for desire length of time, tailored to you.

Group Insurance and Savings

A collective group of individuals in a company or industry benefiting as a whole.

Planned Donations

What does your money mean to you? How do you want that money to help your community, an organization or a cause you believe in deeply.

Medical & Dental Plans

Protection for business owners or self-employed workers and anyone else who are not eligible for group plans.

Income Replacement

Money needed to replace or supplement an income for a specific time or amount.

Disability Insurance

Who will pay you if you become sick or have an accident?

Long Term Care

Weekly or monthly amounts given for services and support to maintain you're day to day activities if you were to lose your independence, to an illness or simply from aging.

Critical Illness

Designed for people who may become critically ill, who may need a lump sum of money to get the treatment they deserve so they can get better.

Life Annuities

A pension that is tailored to you, that can be paid though out your lifetime.
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