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Providing you with financial security when it comes to unforeseen events such as premature death and disability. I help facilitate in building intergenerational wealth, estate preservation and intellectual solutions that makes sense, for your today and your tomorrow.


Living benefits is an insurance that pays you when you needed it the most.  It can be designed in many ways:

-It can pay you an amount of money if you can't reach your monthly obligations, if you were to become sick or if you had an accident.

-It can also provide to pay you a SALARY if you are incapable of working, again for injury or health problems.

-It can provide a lump sum of money if you were diagnosed with a critical illness, such cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.

-It can also provide money every week or month if professional care is needed, either at home or at a certificated institution, that's if you are not capable of performing your essential activities of daily living.

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