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Paolo Bastone
Providing you with financial security when it comes to unforeseen events such as premature death and disability. 

I help facilitate in building intergenerational wealth, estate preservation and intellectual solutions that makes sense, for your today and your tomorrow.

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It's Your Future
I am committed to helping you plan, reach and sustain your financial goals.

Personalized plans structured to your personal needs. My services to you are second to none.

Please contact me for an appointment or for any other info, via phone, email or fill out the form online for a free quote.
Financial Planning
Been in the business since 1992, helping Canadians with their goals and dreams. I am an independent consultant working generously to help the community.


Guaranteed Investment Funds, Segregated Funds, RRSP's, * Children's Education Plans, * Mutual Funds, Leverage Loans, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Mortgage & Debt Insurances, Group Insurance and Savings, Planned Donations, Medical & Dental Plans, Income Replacement, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, Life Annuities

* Peak Investment Services Inc.
Our Objectives:
Short term goals: How to save and clear debt
Medium term goals: Children’s education plans, Building a down payment to buy a home
Long term goals: Retirement, Having enough money to support one’s life style
Security: Life insurance, Disability insurance, Critical illness, Long-term care, Making sure that your goals are intact if the inevitable may happen sooner then later
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